Sunday, May 5, 2013

ENGL 223

I have to admit, Mrs. S. was right!!!  I was in her English class last fall, and she drug me, almost kicking and screaming (haha) to take her online ENGL 223 class in the spring!!!  So, I did, and I am glad I did.  I did not take much literature classes in high school and did not think I enjoyed reading "literature".  Seemed kinda stuffy to me!!!  I am a strong enough woman to admit when I was wrong.  While there were a few pods that we not liked quite as well as others, I have truly enjoyed this semester and know that it has opened a new world to me.  Sometimes reading the "old" books or stories is much better than some of the new stuff that is out there. 

So..Mrs. S..thank you for opening a new world to me.  I am sure once I am done having to read nursing textbooks and am able to read just for "fun", I will turn to some of these oldies but goodies!


  1. Patti, I will have to say that I was completely in the same boat!
    I have never really been a fan of reading and I never had an interest in sitting down for hours digging into a book.
    I was also a little resistant about taking this class just for that simple fact. But I am so glad that I did. I feel as if I have a new appreciate for literature because of this class. I still don't see myself as a "reader" but I think in the future I will be less hesitant to open up a book and read a poem.
    I think a lot of this was because I had the chance of getting insight from other classmates and I could get a better understanding or a different point of view from our classmates. It's nice to have people on your side so you don't have to face these obstacles alone!
    I am glad that you had a pleasant experience as well in this class.... (:

  2. The third semester of Siemens Torture is closing in. I know I am thankful that I listened to her. English 223 has helped me through a very rough patch. Three or four days before classes began a person close to me attempted suicide. A very rough beginning to a semester! Yesterday we said our good-bye's to Grandma Ginny. My entire weekend was full of family. My poor house was dirty and piles of books, papers, and projects strewn everywhere. They ate our food, dirtied more dishes, made a lot of extra work for a woman already maxed out. I lost my own grandmother 9 years ago last month. I put my classes on hold. What else could I do? If you read my blog about the dragon eyes, you will know that in the middle of the semester I also lost a couple of friends, although they were felines-I loved them none the less. So to get to my point: I too am glad that we were coerced into taking this class.

  3. What would have I done with you ladies? You add the bright spots to my life---although the messages from Olivia have not been as frequent this semester as in the past. Thanks for letting me drag you into a new adventure. Now let's see...ENGL 222 in the fall?