Sunday, May 5, 2013

ENGL 223

I have to admit, Mrs. S. was right!!!  I was in her English class last fall, and she drug me, almost kicking and screaming (haha) to take her online ENGL 223 class in the spring!!!  So, I did, and I am glad I did.  I did not take much literature classes in high school and did not think I enjoyed reading "literature".  Seemed kinda stuffy to me!!!  I am a strong enough woman to admit when I was wrong.  While there were a few pods that we not liked quite as well as others, I have truly enjoyed this semester and know that it has opened a new world to me.  Sometimes reading the "old" books or stories is much better than some of the new stuff that is out there. 

So..Mrs. S..thank you for opening a new world to me.  I am sure once I am done having to read nursing textbooks and am able to read just for "fun", I will turn to some of these oldies but goodies!